Quality Control

Quality Control

Quality at MBP is an ongoing & continuous activity integrating people, communication, process controls, designing, engineering, and production& inspection departments. It begins with an attitude we inculcate via comprehensive & continuous training to all our personnel.

Quality flows from our people through our processes to our product. Rigorously documentation of Quality Systems & Procedures is implemented & executed by a team using sophisticated equipment’s in inspection & testing technology calibrated to world standards. 

These include  Roughness Tester , Roundness Tester , Radial Clearance, Noise & vibration Testing , Micro-Hardness Tester, Image Analyzer, etc. Our high-tech Tooling Department is equipped with sophisticated ultra-precision machines which help in maintaining speedy & high quality of Tooling. In-process inspection of products in-between various production stages is done by machine operators themselves as specified in control plan & customer specifications. Sophisticated equipment’s& instruments are used online to assure front-end dimensional control of the products. 

Apart from Online Quality control, to be doubly sure every product is manually inspected for its quality. Data driven continuous quality improvement systems are implemented through the use of Lean/Six Sigma tools.

All MBP Bearings production is guaranteed because it is tested twice to meet high standards: first in the factory and second time in the Bearings Quality Control Laboratory. The Bearings Quality Control Laboratory was established in 2012 with the help of University of Technology. We conduct all necessary tests with the latest measurement and quality-assurance systems utilizing high-quality and precise measuring equipment:

Quality Assurance
Being an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we are committed to develop and supply quality products to our valued clients. Our Quality management systems ensues defect prevention and continual improvement. Further,  enormous attention is paid on validating procedures, personnel training, and preventive action through continual audits. 

Quality Policy
MBP Bearings Pvt. Ltd. is committed to achieve satisfaction of Customers by : 

  • Meeting customers expectation on quality
  • On time delivery
  • Continual improvement in Product, Process & system.
  • Continually enhancing the qualitative contribution made by each employee in terms of requisite skills and behavior


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